Magic Is Perfect Entertainment For Children!

The Shouts & Laughter

Children love the excitement of a live magic show! The Magic Company can provide a high-energy interactive comedy magic program to last 30 - 45 minutes, perfect for entertaining your group. Here is a show that gets the kids involved. You'll hear squeals of delight and tons of laughter as the children have their intellects challenged and their funny bones tickled. There is always something new to see... lots of color and movement, and of course, plenty of audience participation.

"Who wants to help with a trick?"

Every hand in the audience shoots skyward! The children want to be a part of the magic.

Age Appropriate

The Magic Company features the magic of Michael Baker, experienced in entertaining children of all ages... even the older kids. Special shows are designed to be age appropriate, and are generally divided into 3 groups:

The shows are somewhat different for each group, with different magic & delivery techniques that appeal to the sensibilities of children at the age level being entertained. A special family show is provided when the audience contains a wide range of ages.

Quality Programming and an Experienced Performer

Michael Baker has been a featured performer on children's television programs in both Peoria, Illinois and in Birmingham, Alabama. He works regularly for schools, libraries, and many other events where children are present. His magic is always a hit, because it is fresh, creative, and very in tune with what the children like.

You'll like it, too!

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