From the pages of pulp comics!

Here is the perfect family entertainment! What can be more fun than cheering for the good guys in a thrilling battle between good and evil?

The Magic Company's Comic Book Show captures the excitement and good moral standards necessary to every great classic melodrama! Want to know more?

The Magic Company v. Global Deceptions (the basic plot)

Michael Baker, owner and operator of The Magic Company, has dedicated a lifetime to promoting magic as an art. Through this small business, Michael has made it possible for thousands of people to enjoy the wonders of magic, and to experience the creativity of its boundless fascination.

Unfortunately, a mega-magic conglomerate known as, Global Deceptions, has come upon the scene. Their evil quest, as with all villains, is to rule the world... and they are using bad magicians to do this! Hacks, bottom-feeders and uncaring, uncreative pawns passing for magicians are being cheaply set upon an unsuspecting public! Sadly, the public is beginning to accept this low standard of magic as the norm.

Is it too late to save the world? The Magic Company doesn't think so. Together with the help of Raven and other responsible magic lovers, Michael Baker is preparing to enter a battle of wits against Global Deceptions. Help Michael, Raven and The Magic Company by cheering them on, so that future generations of families like yours can enjoy the beauty and wonder of great magic! It's a true comic book adventure... live on stage!

EPISODE # 47: Murphy's Law

Together, Michael Baker and Raven, in their never-ending quest to save the world from bad magicians, confront the invisible magic-wrecking forces of, Murphy, an evil henchman of Global Deceptions. Murphy takes pride in destroying the magic.

"If anything can go wrong, I'll make sure it happens!" --- Murphy

The Magic Company may be doomed if our two heros cannot foil Murphy's evil plans. Watch as Michael Baker & Raven outwit Murphy and save the day yet again from the clutches of Global Deceptions!

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