On With The Show!

The audience anticipates the magic...

You've wined & dined your guests... you've made your announcements... perhaps you've even given out an award or two. They are happy and relaxed. Now it's time to give them something they'll remember for a long, long time.

The house lights dim, the stage lights come up...

Michael Baker enters the stage, and immediately the magic begins! Watch as things appear from nowhere, disappear into nothingness, and change by a mere gesture from this magician... this incredible magician.

With several hundred people in the audience, you'd never think it possible, but one minute you could hear a pin drop... the next, the audience is about to bring down the roof with laughter and shouts of amazement! Michael Baker knows how to break down the wall that separates an audience from the show on stage. He makes each and every person in the audience feel as if he is performing just for them, as if they are standing right next to him, witnessing the magic at arm's length. Michael is a master at involving the audience, at drawing them in.

"I had no idea, magic could be so fun... and so funny!" --- Anonymous guest after a Magic Company show

Give your guests a memory that will last long after the dinner is over. Give them a show by Michael Baker and The Magic Company!

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