A Magician Who Wanders Around Doing Little Tricks?... How Fun!

A show that needs no stage

Your event is such that a formal "show" is not quite going to fit the bill, but you'd still like a little entertainment. Maybe you'd like to have a magician walking around and performing for small groups at a time, perhaps for an hour or two... or maybe throughout your entire event? Strolling magic is probably what you need.

A moving performance!

Michael Baker becomes the wandering performer, as he works his magic for young and old, wherever they happen to be. He moves from place to place, gathering together a few people at a time to become the instant audience for a moment of special sleight of hand magic. The children laugh, their parents smile, and all are amazed by the quick and wonderful tricks they have just seen... and then he moves on... gathering together another small group... and the magic happens yet again!

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